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Our Projects


“Clear vision, healthy eyes“ project

Back in September 2012, DP World Constanta partnered up with Lions Club Romanian subsidiary in a project aimed at providing cost free ophthalmological care for the less fortunate children and adults part of Constanta county community. To this extent DP World Constanta provided for a VAN that was fully equipped with specialized medical equipment to travel through Constanta county offering specialized medical care to people with limited or no access to any decent medical assistance. Based on volunteer work, the medical personnel of a reputable Constanta eye clinic offered their free time to the project. Putting plan into action, the mobile clinic has started its journey through the county, where at the end of March this year it paid a visit to the foster care children in Agigea, a location close to our terminal. During said visit, around 85 children and 15 adults have gone through medical checkup, with more than half being identified to have ophthalmological condition ranging from minor affections that could be treated on spot to major affections that needed follow up within the Constanta eye clinic.

 By spring next year the project “Clear vision, healthy eyes “aims to offer over 600 institutionalized children  from Constanta free ophthalmological care. As such the journey continues, and together with our partners and Lions Club’s international reputation and experience we hope to be able also in the future to improve the quality of life for the less fortunate.



Constanta kids camp a great success

DP World Constanta organised a 7-day summer camp for 20 children in foster care in Constanta County. 

The children, aged between 7 and 10, were selected based on their school results, as a strategy to keep them motivated in their future development.
The outcome of the camp was remarkable; the children, who were shy at first, made friends for life and were sad to see each other leave on the last day of camp.
Over the course of the week, the activities were very much focused on the environment such as creating funny hats, flower pots and models of the solar system out of recycled materials, planting trees to learn about the importance of nature in our lives and learning about nature’s elements through fun experiments which were specially created for their ages.
To celebrate Dolphin Day on 6 August, the local NGO Mare Nostrum came to the camp to talk to the children about the dolphins that live in the Black Sea and about how to protect and save them.
The children clearly enjoyed playing all of the dolphin-related games, especially one in which they were simulating a terrestrial dolphin rescue.
As well as benefitting the children, the camp was also a wonderful experience for the DP World staff who volunteered their time. They were able to witness these children open up, build binding friendships and eagerly absorb new information about the world that surrounds them. Definitely a project worth repeating!​